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Roof trusses

Prefabricated truss – what is it characterized by?

An alternative to the traditional truss is the structure entirely made of dried and planed KVH wood or glued BSH wood. The truss of such wood is made not at the construction site, but in the factory, with the usage of modern digitally controlled machines and under the supervision of employees who know the software and have construction qualifications.

Elements with a slender cross-section – small in width and large in height – are placed on special tables-templates and connected with barbed or nail plates.

The plates are made of steel sheet with embossed spikes 8-20 mm long. After pressing (about 30 tons under the pressure of a press) in the frontally arranged wooden elements (45, 50 or 60 mm thick), the plates connect firmly and permanently. This is how trusses are created, which are individually shaped to the roof slope.

Such prepared modules are packed in packages and transported to the construction site. Their assembly is quick and efficient. The usage of a prefabricated truss guarantees the highest precision and aesthetics connection of all the elements.